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Chocolate, Musica y Oaxaca

Chocolate, Musica y Oaxaca

By on Feb 28, 2015 in Blog | 0 comments

Taina Asili

Featured Song:   When my best friend Leah informed me that her whole family was going to be moving to Oaxaca and would be gone for half the year, my gut reaction was a selfish bit of sadness. Leah is like a sister to me, and not seeing her, her partner Jonah, and her two beautiful children for so long felt a little unbearable. Leah and Jonah are the owners of Soul Fire Farm in Grafton NY, where our yurt is also located. Leah had been accepted as Fulbright Scholar to study indigenous farming practices in Oaxaca, and her family would be joining her to study Spanish together (check out more about what she discovered here). Honestly, I was very excited for them, even though I would miss them. Soon after, it occurred to me, that this might be an amazing opportunity to visit them as a solo adventure without my partner and kids, and escape a little of that harsh February upstate NY winter. From the moment I arrived, I was enveloped in a new way of living, which included new smells, new tastes and a new pace. Leah picked me up from the airport the morning of my arrival, and we grabbed some fresh tortillas along the way. Jonah and the kids had a big brunch of bean and vegetable stew, mango, watermelon, papaya, and fresh squeezed tangerine juice (from the man around the corner) spread out on the table as I walked into their casita. They had only been there for a little over a month, but as I looked at them around the table, their family felt different already. This was just the beginning of so many exciting and powerful adventures that occurred over the course of that week. Oaxaca is the most culturally diverse state in Mexico, with a large population of many different indigenous groups, and the food and music reflect this. This post will just scratch the surface of my amazing journey in and around Oaxaca city, highlighting some of my favorite food and music moments. One of my favorite places to get food during my stay was from a street vendor named Francisca. At her cart next to the park she serves a variety of freshly made toppings such as vegetables, beans,...

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